You may request to cancel any agreement to provide services such as Web Design, Maintenance & Development within 14 days of entering into the service agreement contract – written or oral. Cancellation is subject to the following conditions:

  1.  We will not normally begin providing the requested service during the 14 day cancellation period, unless you have requested an immediate start.
  2. If you have requested that a service starts straightaway you will still retain the right to cancel, but you will remain liable for the value of the services that are provided up to the point where you have requested a cancellation.
  3. If the service delivery is operational and/or delivered within 14 days the right to cancel will no longer apply.
  4. Where the service requested is an urgent/immediate request for repair, recovery or maintenance, cancellation cannot be accepted.
  5. If third party goods or services have been purchased pursuant to the requirements of your service request these costs are not refundable by us.
  6. All benefits associated with services and works delivered remain the property of the provider until fully paid for and can be withdrawn if requests for payment are not fulfilled.
  7. Consultation time spent is not refundable after a project has started and is included in any initial payment as a minimum of 5 hours at the prevailing rate: Currently £35.00/hr UK GBP or $50/hr USD.
  8. Deposits or initial payments, if taken for a project, are at a minimum of £150.00 UK, $200.00 US or 60% of the full amount.