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Import EML Email Into Office 365 Outlook

To import your email messages in .eml format into Outlook in Office 365, you can use the following steps:



      1. Open Outlook: Launch Outlook on your computer that is connected to your Office 365 account.
      2. Set up a new email account: If you haven’t already added your Office 365 email account to Outlook, follow the instructions provided by Office 365 to set up your email account in Outlook.
      3. Create a folder for importing emails: In Outlook, create a new folder where you want to import your .eml files. Right-click on the desired location, choose “New Folder,” and provide a name for the folder.
      4. Enable the option to view file extensions: By default, Outlook hides file extensions. To enable viewing file extensions, go to the “View” tab in the Outlook ribbon and check the “File name extensions” option.
      5. Convert .eml files to .msg format: Before importing, you need to convert the .eml files to the .msg format. You can do this using third-party tools like “Outlook Freeware Import EML to Outlook.”
      6. Import .msg files into Outlook: In Outlook, go to the folder where you want to import the .msg files. Then, go to the “File” tab in the Outlook ribbon and click on “Open & Export” > “Import/Export.”
      7. Choose “Import from another program or file”: In the Import and Export Wizard, select the “Import from another program or file” option, and click “Next.”
      8. Select the file type: Choose “Outlook Data File (.pst)” as the file type to import, and click “Next.”
      9. Locate the .msg files: Click on the “Browse” button to navigate to the folder where you saved the converted .msg files. Make sure to select the folder containing the .msg files, not individual files. Click “Next” when you have selected the folder.
      10. Choose the destination folder: Select the folder you created in step 3 as the destination for importing the emails. You can either select the folder directly or choose to import it into your mailbox’s root folder. Click “Finish” to begin the import process.
      11. Verify imported emails: Once the import process completes, you should see the imported emails in the folder you specified. You can navigate to the folder and check if all the emails have been imported successfully.


    All done! You have now imported your .eml files into Outlook in Office 365. It should now be possible to access and manage your imported emails in Outlook using your Office 365 account.