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How We Do SEO Optimization

How does your Tech VA do SEO Optimisation? It’s a constantly changing rulebook but some things are standard for good SEO.


Your Technical Virtual Assistant ensures your web pages are fully SEO-optimized in harmony with the other pages and content on your website. It’s best to hit the ground running competitively from launch – not retrospectively trying to catch-up. And in the event have been left behind – we’re here to get your website tuned up and racing ahead.


Each content page or post will be suitably optimized for a specific top keyword or phrase. The keyword will be present in all the main elements of the page e.g.

  • the URL,
  • the metadata,
  • the <h1> title
  • and of course, the content.

Good due diligence also requires attention to images. It’s not just what we see with the eye that is important but also the proportions and sizing (is width and height declared?). Is the Alt tag populated with suitably descriptive text?

All relevant content on other internal pages should be appropriately linked – and there are bonus points to be gained by adding the correct proportion of external or outgoing links.

Adhering to these primary requirements as a bare minimum will qualify your website to compete with merit for a highly placed position in search engine results as soon as it is indexed.

Having a flying start is not enough, you should aim to update your website at regular intervals. We will add new pages and content at an agreed frequency in order to signal Google, Bing and other popular search engines that you are active, your website is alive and demands their attention.